Sixteen Governors Stand Up to Biden’s Electric Vehicle Mandate

Sixteen Governors Stand Up to Biden’s Electric Vehicle Mandate

January 22, 2024

Today, 16 governors sent a letter to President Biden opposing the electric vehicle mandates. The letter urges Biden to repeal his EV mandate that two out of every three vehicles be battery-powered by 2032.  The governors raise concerns over lack of choice, high costs and heavy reliance on China.

The letter reads, 

“The American customer should be able to decide what technology makes most sense for them, not the federal government. Mandates aside, we must also ensure we have the necessary infrastructure to support battery electric vehicles, including grid capacity and reliability, charging stations, and domestic electric vehicle battery production. China currently accounts for 70% of global electric vehicle battery production capacity. Bolstering the domestic critical minerals industry is an essential step to realizing any long-term, responsible electric vehicle battery production. Given China’s current action atop the global electric vehicle production, mandating electric vehicle use too quickly can also present a national security risk. Additionally, just this summer, we saw the challenges associated with electric vehicles when your own Secretary of Energy, Secretary Granholm, and her staff got caught in an altercation at a charging station while attempting to reserve one of the limited charging spots for the Secretary’s electric vehicle.”

This comes just a couple of months after auto dealers across the country sent Biden a letter asking him to pause electric vehicle mandates. This further proves that Americans are not interested in expensive and unreliable electric vehicles. 

“These governors are telling the truth Joe Biden doesn’t want to hear, EVs are expensive, unwanted, and shouldn’t be forced upon unwilling consumers,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “Joe Biden’s own Energy Secretary couldn’t complete an EV road trip without a colossal humiliation, and yet he’s mandating families spend more to go down the same road. I applaud these Governors for standing up for working families and urge more leaders to join them.”