Sierra Club Gearing Up For “Biggest Effort Ever”

Sierra Club Gearing Up For “Biggest Effort Ever”

May 30, 2019

“Green” groups spent $60 million in 2018 to influence elections across the country. Now, one of the most prominent and damaging of these groups – the Sierra Club – is promising to go even further in 2020. 

The Hill reports that the Sierra Club is gearing up to mobilize for what they call “the climate election of our lifetimes” with their “biggest effort ever.” They’re promising to mobilize “climate voters” in 100 campaigns across the United States. 

While these are lofty promises, the Sierra Club might be able to follow through. They’ve already been armed with $164 million from billionaire Michael Bloomberg and hundreds of thousands of dollars more from billionaire Tom Steyer. They’re flush with cash and ready to spend. 

Last month, Power The Future delved into the Sierra Club’s goals, tactics and results. What we found was concerning. 

The group claims to fight for conservation, but in reality, its goal is the destruction of entire industries. Tens of thousands of good jobs lie in its path. By 2020, the Sierra Club hopes to retire 1/3rdof the US’s remaining coal plants, putting tens of thousands of coal jobs at risk. After that, they want to eliminate coal entirely. 

And it’s not just coal. The Sierra Club has made drilling in ANWR (Alaska) a top target as well. They call it “the greatest threat in decades” for the region, despite the fact that experts predict oil exploration in ANWR could create 736,000 jobs and bring $100 billion in revenue into the federal government and the state. 

The Sierra Club has even provided cover to the “Sunrise Movement,” the “army” backing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.” 

With the coming flood of cash intended to influence our elections, we must remain vigilant and fight back. They might have the money, but we have the facts on our side.