Setting the Record Straight: 9 Points on American Energy

Setting the Record Straight: 9 Points on American Energy

March 7, 2022

Yesterday, the White House entered full damage control mode over the skyrocketing gas prices Americans are facing at the pump. The Biden administration is working overtime to deflect from their role in the current energy crisis. Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki shot out a nine-point-tweet thread trying to shed blame. Power The Future is here to set the record straight:

  1. American energy production is down. Prior to the carefully selected pandemic production numbers cited by Jen Psaki, American oil production was nearly 13 million barrels per day in November 2019, today that number is closer to 11.5 million. 
  2. Since taking office, the Biden Administration has begged or will soon beg the following countries for more oil instead of increasing American energy production:
    1. Iran – The nation of Iran is currently listed as a state sponsor of terrorism.
    1. Venezuela – The United Nations has found Venezuelan leaders responsible for atrocities that amount to crimes against humanity.
    1. Saudi Arabia – A country known for its repression of rights particularly among women and girls.
  3. Psaki claims the United States must achieve energy independence through “clean energy technologies that don’t require fossil fuels.” However, the production, transport, installation and maintenance of solar panels and wind turbines require fossil fuels. Secondly, Psaki is proposing the United States embark down the same failed road that is hurting Germany today.
  4. Psaki claims production is up, but when Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked about boosting production in November 2021, she simply laughed and said “That is hilarious.” American oil production fell by over 200,000 barrels a day in the month following Granholm’s comments.
  5. Psaki claims global volatility is the reason for high gas prices. However, the price of a gallon of gas averaged $2.38 a gallon when Joe Biden took office and the price skyrocketed to $3.444 a gallon before the invasion of Ukraine.
  6. The Biden Administration stopped all production on federal lands despite warnings such action would have permanent consequences. 
  7. Within hours of being sworn in, President Biden issued an executive order stopping production in Alaska’s ANWR region. The region is home to an estimated 7.6 billion barrels of oil and over 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
  8. On his first day in office, Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline killing American jobs.
  9. Less than a week before the invasion of Ukraine, the Biden Justice Department filed an appeal to stop production within the United States.

The American people understand the role the Biden administration has played in crippling American energy production. Now is the time to unleash American energy, not stifle it. Increasing production here at home is the best answer to dealing with this global crisis.

“Americans deserve energy independence and real leadership that doesn’t try to deflect blame for their failed agenda,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future. “Joe Biden is begging the world’s worst for more oil because his environmental agenda doesn’t allow for American energy independence. Our families know the fault for this energy crisis lies with leaders in Washington, D.C. and the only answer to global volatility is national energy stability.”