Senator Dan Sullivan Understands Alaska’s Need to “Protect What We’ve Earned”

Senator Dan Sullivan Understands Alaska’s Need to “Protect What We’ve Earned”

February 27, 2019

Alaska’s junior US Senator, Dan Sullivan, addressed a joint session of the Alaska State Legislature on February 21st.  Much like Senator Lisa Murkowski two days earlier, Sullivan spoke about Alaska’s resiliency.  He noted the way Alaska is recovering from an economic recession, with technology and innovation helping replenish lost jobs throughout the State.  He spoke about Alaska’s role as a strategic piece in US military defense, how President Trump has a commitment to Alaska, and has shown it by placing Alaskans in key positions throughout his administration, and how Alaskans across the state are positively impacted by congressional and executive-branch actions.

He said, “In the Marine Corps, we have a saying:  Protect What You’ve Earned.  When it comes to the new House majority in Washington, DC…important achievements for Alaska might come under attack.”

Sullivan’s words rang true as he talked about the advances in energy policy.  “America is now the number one producer of oil and gas and renewables in the world.  As former Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke repeatedly said, ‘America’s energy dominance’ – which we are now witnessing – must run through Alaska.  And that is beginning to happen.  The North Slope energy renaissance is real, and our state’s long recession looks as if it has ended at the drill bit.”

Highlighting the number of exploration and production rigs on the Slope, the increase in oilfield jobs for the first time in four years, and the extremely successful North Slope lease sale that recently occurred, Sullivan stated, “As we all know, good jobs and robust economies are essential foundations for strong communities and strong families.  Jobs create wealth and dignity and self-worth, and a sense of purpose and pride that comes with earned success.  The best social program always will be a good-paying job.”

He spoke glowingly of the work the federal government is doing to advance Alaskan oil and gas development, noting the NPR-A and off-shore Liberty projects as key possibilities.  But he saved his most poignant comments for ANWR.

“After my speech here two years ago, Speaker Edgmon presented me with a resolution from all of you – the Alaska Legislature – that said, in essence, at long last, go get it done. Open the 1002 Area of ANWR for the benefit of Alaska and America.  Well, we did it.  All of us. A forty-year team effort – Democrats and Republicans.”

He cautioned that the fight wasn’t over, noting, “Now, we have to stand united in the next step – a successful ANWR lease sale that we hope will occur this year.  There are many powerful Outside special interests that are already working to sabotage the lease sale.  So here’s my request to all of you:  In your meetings with American energy executives, strongly encourage them to bid in this upcoming ANWR lease sale, for our sake and for that of our country!”

Senator Sullivan, we couldn’t agree more.  With America needing to be more independent from international influence on our energy policies, and with the US’s new-found energy dominance, Alaska’s key role in that movement is ready to take a gigantic step forward with 1002 development. We salute you for your dedication to Alaska, and look forward to working alongside you as we advocate for – and help protect – energy and development jobs in the great state of Alaska.