Senator Dan Sullivan Just Gets It…America Needs Energy Independence

Senator Dan Sullivan Just Gets It…America Needs Energy Independence

October 17, 2023

During an appearance on the Fox News Rundown podcast yesterday morning, Alaska’s U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan took aim at the Biden Administration for its eco-centric energy policies that have weakened America’s international standing.

When host Gurnal Scott asked Sullivan about Alaska and its ability to add to the nation’s energy security, Sullivan was clear, as he discussed the ways American – and in particular, Alaskan – energy is developed using the highest environmental standards.  He also added the fact that for every U.S. barrel produced is one less barrel OPEC, Venezuela or other nations can hold over America’s heads when it comes to world power struggles.

Sullivan took the Biden Administration to task on how its “…appeasement of Iran has been a policy failure of a huge magnitude.” Sullivan also said that Iran bears responsibility for the recent attacks against Israel and attacks against Americans in the past few decades: “Iran is behind all of this whether it’s Hamas or Hezbollah…They have spent decades killing Americans and Jews. We need to be much tougher on them. This administration has clearly failed in that regard.”

Later on Monday, when rumors swirled that the U.S. was considering dropping international sanctions against Venezuela, which would allow them to freely export their petroleum products, Sullivan again blasted Biden, saying on X, “What will it take for this admin to learn that appeasing dictators does not work? Joe Biden is making the world more dangerous & killing American energy security in the process!”  He implored the President, “…Joe, wake the hell up. Quit appeasing dictators in Iran and Venezuela. Let our country produce American energy. The dictators will use [the energy] for what? Terrorism against us and our allies? Good job.”

Power The Future couldn’t agree more with the Senator, his views on American energy and his thoughts on the harm Biden is doing to U.S. families, our energy sector and our international standing.  We applaud him for his tongue-lashing of the President and his cronies, as they certainly deserve it.