“Senate Democrats Have Become Irrationally Unhinged” Power The Future Energy Hour Recap: U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young (Week 3 of 4)

“Senate Democrats Have Become Irrationally Unhinged” Power The Future Energy Hour Recap: U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young (Week 3 of 4)

September 23, 2020

On last night’s Power The Future Energy Hour, Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck continued his four-part discussions with Alaska’s US Senator Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young.  This week they discussed the opening of ANWR for responsible development, and the impact it will have on oil and gas production for Alaska and America, the jobs it will bring, and the continued fight against the radical environmentalists who have fought the opening for over 40 years.

Senator Sullivan noted that opening ANWR is a great victory for America’s energy independence, but minced few words when discussing the ongoing fight, especially when the combatants come from within his chamber:

“There is a whole radical element that is always against us (Alaska).  They do a lot of it for their own fundraising, right?  Let’s be truthful about that…Then there’s this group, unfortunately mostly Senate Democrats, who have become irrationally unhinged on not just ANWR, but any resource development in Alaska.”

Congressman Young noted how the eco-Left has gotten almost comically melodramatic with their descriptions of  ANWR, calling it America’s ‘last Serengeti.’ “[They claim] it’d ruin the polar bears and wolves, the caribou, the porcupines and rabbits and snakes – although we don’t have snakes in Alaska – that’s what it is going to do,” he quipped.

Young then eviscerated the Democratic Party as a whole and the extremists who fight against responsible development, including ANWR:

“We had it signed into law, and the squealing and hollering from the environmental community and those who don’t want to support this country, it was like the world came to an end. For Alaskans and myself, it was a job well done.  But, we also had to recognize the opposition didn’t go away; in fact, the opposition grew more fervent in trying to stop it…if you study – and I’m going to be political here – the platform of the Democrat(ic) Party, the socialist party, they’re eliminating what we’ve done; to stop the development of ANWR to keep the nation as a whole from having the availability to that fossil fuel, making us more independent.  They don’t want that.  They want us more dependent on other countries, so that we have to respond to them, all ‘please, please, please’.”

We couldn’t agree more. As the eco-left gets more and more hysterical, we’re glad smart people like Senator Sullivan and Congressman Young are on the front lines fighting for reasonable development that will be pivotal to Alaska’s future.

If you missed it live you can still catch all of their poignant insight and devastating jabs on Power the Future’s Soundcloud.

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