Secretary Haaland to Visit Alaska…Will She Meet with Industry?

Secretary Haaland to Visit Alaska…Will She Meet with Industry?

April 7, 2022

After postponing her promised trip to Alaska a number of times since taking office, it appears Interior Secretary Deb Haaland will show up in the Great Land the week after next.

As noted in an AP article, a cryptic press release from the Interior communications team noted Haaland will be in Alaska the week of April 17, visiting Anchorage, Fairbanks and King Cove, among others.  Her trip to King Cove is exceptionally important, as the road connecting that village to Cold Bay – currently held up by environmentalist stupidity – is a health and safety issue for King Cove residents.

It remains to be seen if Haaland will be meeting with members of Alaska’s state government, including Governor Dunleavy or any of his Commissioner-level team, or if she will meet with industry leaders in oil, gas, mining or timber; all of which have been negatively impacted by the copious amounts of administrative decisions from Interior during the Biden presidency.

If Secretary Haaland does meet with industry, we hope she does so with open ears and not a closed mind.  Alaska’s ability to deliver energy security, along with numerous components needed for a green-energy supply chain, should be a shining example for others to follow.  Let’s hope Secretary Haaland is coming to move America forward, not just play politics with our citizens and fulfill a promise made during her confirmation hearings.