Secretary Haaland is Visiting Alaska…Is it for Show or Substance?

Secretary Haaland is Visiting Alaska…Is it for Show or Substance?

April 20, 2022

With the long-anticipated, multiple-time-delayed, will-she-ever-show-up(?) visit to Alaska from Interior Secretary Deb Haaland now underway, questions abound.

Is she here for substance, or merely for show?

Is her itinerary – much of which has yet to be made public – balanced between those who support responsible development projects that Interior has jurisdiction and/or influence over, or is it mostly meetings with anti-development groups?

Will she – and her traveling companions Tracy (the eco-Terrorist) Stone-Manning and Martha Williams, the heads of BLM and Fish & Wildlife, respectively – visit any current jobsites, speak with Alaskans who make their living through development projects, or talk with Indigenous leaders of areas of Alaska who are clamoring to have the opportunity others do?

Once she leaves Alaska after her whirlwind trip, will she continue to push her department’s foot into the throats of Alaska’s energy community, or change course and allow the Great Land to lead America’s initial steps of the “green” energy transition she and her eco-Left handlers say we need to move quickly into?

You can bet that stories will be written about the historic nature of the Secretary’s visit, how she and her team “got it” when talking with Alaskans, and how she has made connections with Alaskans that will help her and the Department of Interior move forward.

Color us skeptical that any of that will actually lead to progress toward projects that employ Alaskans in generationally-changing resource jobs.  The Secretary, the eco-terrorist and her team have too many extremist friends they owe to change their tune and support responsible, domestic development in Alaska.