Sanders’ New Proposal to Nationalize Electricity Production

Sanders’ New Proposal to Nationalize Electricity Production

February 4, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders’ proposal to fight climate change mirrors his proposal to nationalize health care, calling for a federal takeover of electricity production.

According to POLITICO:

Sanders has laid out a $16 trillion climate change plan that would transition U.S. electricity generation away from fossil fuels to renewable resources like wind, solar and hydropower by 2030. That’s far faster than any other Democratic candidate’s target and sets a pace that rivals like former Vice President Joe Biden say is unrealistic.

And like Sanders’ healthcare plan, the green energy push would muscle many of the country’s biggest companies out of the business.

Not only would this plan bankrupt American energy companies and take away millions of energy worker jobs, but it would also create a federal monopoly in a huge segment of the economy.

Josh Freed, Head of Energy and Climate Policy at ThirdWay stated, “What the Sanders proposal would do is create an 800-pound federally owned power gorilla that would make it very hard for the existing generators to compete.”

The article went on to discuss the unrealistic target that is the framework of his proposal:

Energy analysts, however, caution that Sanders’s 2030 plan would require a federal infrastructure investment not seen since the construction of the interstate highway system. To get close to Sanders’ 100 percent clean energy goal by 2030, researchers estimate the U.S. would need to add about 800 GW of wind and solar resources — about 25 times the amount the federal government expects to be built this year — along with ample amounts of battery storage and transmission. The Sanders camp forecasts that would cost about $2 trillion.

His own party members, including fellow Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, voiced the impracticality of the proposal.  The eco-left can’t expect the American people to put trillions of taxpayer dollars on the line for an improbable climate proposal that would wipe out millions of American jobs across the country.