San Juan Citizens Alliance Forgets to Check Their Privilege

San Juan Citizens Alliance Forgets to Check Their Privilege

November 18, 2019

If this is the “rigorous” fact-checking we can expect from San Juan Citizens Alliance, then it’s easy to understand why they blindly support their radical, job-killing positions.

San Juan Citizens Alliance seems to be really upset about “out-of-state” groups working against them in New Mexico. Someone should’ve told them to check their privilege, and perhaps a mirror first.

This is the hypocrisy that is all too common on the eco-left. Besides the fact they are an out-of-state organization, the San Juan Citizens Alliance takes in 97 percent of their money from outside of New Mexico and Colorado. In fact, the organization that claims to be “local” to the Four Corners Region draws a lot of their financial support from…California.

When their hypocrisy was pointed out, San Juan Citizens Alliance tried another favorite tactic of the eco-left, move the goalposts.

It’s wonderful to see that after being called out, San Juan Citizens Alliance suddenly cares about employees, where they work, and how long they’ve been employed.

Unless of course, if you’re an energy worker in New Mexico who continues to provide jobs and revenue to the area like you have for decades. In that case, you’re in need of a “just transition.”