San Francisco’s $5 Gas Problem

San Francisco’s $5 Gas Problem

March 3, 2022

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is having major ripple effects across the global energy market. With increased sanctions from the West, oil spiked to over $110 per barrel today and it continues to climb.  Americans are feeling the hurt in their wallets every time they fill up their gas tanks. As Fox Business reports, one American city synonymous with the liberal green agenda is the first to reach a new price high.

San Francisco has become the first city in the United States to breach an average of $5 a gallon, according to an industry expert as the Russia-Ukraine conflict juices oil prices, which topped $113 in trading Thursday.

“It’s been quite ugly as gas prices rise nationally, but nowhere has the pain been more significant than California, where prices have breached the $5 gallon mark,” Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, told FOX Business Thursday.

But high gas prices aren’t just a problem in California. As Putin’s war in Ukraine rages on, so does the Biden administration’s war on American energy. From cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline, to blocking new energy leases on federal lands and waters, to imposing crippling new regulations, the administration has time and again stood in the way of American energy workers. Instead, of taking steps to keep America energy dominant, President Biden has tried to put a band-aid on the problem by releasing oil from our nation’s strategic reserve. 

“These early price jumps are a clear indication that President Biden’s efforts aren’t going to solve any problems any time soon,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future. “It’s clear the Biden Administration is addicted to these short-term schemes as they pathetically hope the situation improves on its own. Our families know American energy independence is the permanent answer, and they know Joe Biden is standing in the way.”

The American people want and need American energy. In the face of Russian aggression and sky-high gas prices, now is the time to remove the roadblocks the Biden administration has built to energy independence. Today, even the people of San Francisco might agree.