Rumored Pick to Lead Interior Supports Full Ban on Fracking and Green New Deal

Rumored Pick to Lead Interior Supports Full Ban on Fracking and Green New Deal

December 16, 2020

According to Reuters, the New Mexico Congresswoman is rumored to be Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of the Interior and American energy workers should be worried.

Take it from a New Mexican, Congresswoman Deb Haaland would be the most radical Interior Secretary in the history of our country.

Congresswoman Haaland spent most of the last year outside of her district stumping for the failed candidacy of Elizabeth Warren. She is now on the receiving end of numerous puff-pieces working to build a story that will benefit Team Biden.

The problem is Haaland is open about her radical positions of a full ban on fracking in addition to her unconditional support for the extreme Green New Deal. Two positions Biden has fumbled in an effort to try and distance himself.

During a re-election campaign for Congress, Haaland was asked specifically about bills to ban fracking introduced by socialists Bernie Sanders and AOC. Her response – “I support a ban on fracking.”

During the primary, Biden agreed with Haaland’s fanatical fracking stance. However, once he secured the nomination his notorious flip-flop now puts him at odds with his potential pick.

Lastly, Haaland is a proud “original co-sponsor” of the Green New Deal. She signed on to AOC’s socialist dream from Day 1. During the first Presidential Debate, Biden plainly said he doesn’t support the Green New Deal.

It all begs the question: If Deb Haaland is picked for the job, will she flip-flop on her radical positions to align with Biden? Or was Biden lying about his stance all along?