Round One of PTF’s Energy Hypocrisy: Biden vs. Gates

Round One of PTF’s Energy Hypocrisy: Biden vs. Gates

March 20, 2023

We are starting with a highly competitive race for the first round of Power The Future’s Energy Hypocrisy Madness. President Joe Biden versus Bill Gates. Both have a history of hypocrisy across multiple sectors. You can learn more about their energy hypocrisy and what landed them in our Sweet Sixteen below.

President Joe Biden – Perhaps no president has done so much, so quickly to erode American energy independence than the current occupant of the White House. He’s begged Saudi Arabia for more oil, cut a dirty deal with a dictator in Venezuela and leased the fewest acres of U.S. land for oil production since Harry Truman. He drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to new lows while delivering the highest gas prices in history. The whole time, Biden never accepted responsibility for his failures and instead decided to blame Covid, Russia, oil companies and everyone else under the sun for his own failures. Now, American families are struggling through Biden’s colossal energy disaster — all entirely manmade.

Bill Gates – Bill Gates almost has enough hypocrisy to land on the list twice. Gates is widely known for his elitist private jet travel while lecturing the rest of us on the climate. However, when confronted with his hypocrisy, Gates inexplicably responded that it’s acceptable for him to fly in private jets because of all the money he spends on offsets and to fight climate change.

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