Rick Perry Fought for Energy Workers

Rick Perry Fought for Energy Workers

October 18, 2019

Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced this week he would step down from his role in the Trump Administration, but he leaves behind him a legacy of fighting for energy workers. During his tenure, we saw energy production hit historic levels, America became energy independent and he gave energy workers the support they deserve.

In his farewell Secretary Perry said:

We pursued a truly “all-of-the-above” strategy We deployed all of our fuels—from renewables to fossil fuels—to nuclear energy; We led the world in producing oil and gas and in reducing energy-related carbon emissions at the same time; We achieved the magnificent goal of energy independence; We became a net exporter of natural gas for the first time in more than 60 years— offering freedom to our friends and allies from energy coercion by some powerful adversaries out there; And we’re ready to export our energy technology to deliver electricity to more than one billion human beings mired in energy poverty. We strengthened our national security by bolstering our nuclear security

Unlike the modern left, Secretary Perry did not target certain industries and workers to make them the bogeyman. He embraced all energy sources and all energy workers as a public official serving all Americans, not turning hostile on some while favoring others.

The left could learn a thing or two from his legacy.