REPORT: Environmentalist Tom Steyer Owns Stake In Oil Company

REPORT: Environmentalist Tom Steyer Owns Stake In Oil Company

September 18, 2019

Billionaire and fledging presidential candidate Tom Steyer has billed himself as an environmentalist, advocating extreme policies that would undermine jobs, raise taxes and decimate America’s energy economy.

But a new report is raising questions as to how committed Steyer is to his eco-credentials, and it threatens to tarnish his standing on the eco-left.

Bloomberg is reporting that, according to recently disclosed financial documents, Steyer owns a stake in Direct Petroleum Exploration Inc, a “company involved in oil production.”

This “could prove troublesome because the former hedge fund manager has put climate change at the center of his campaign and is among the 18 candidates who have sworn off contributions from fossil-fuel executives.”

The hypocrisy is incredible.

But it actually wouldn’t be the first time Steyer made money from fossil fuels.

Steyer, through his firm Farrallon Capital Management, had a “history of investing in fossil fuel projects, including a giant coal mine in Australia that generates vast quantities of carbon emissions.”

Yes, Tom Steyer, the so-called environmentalist, made his money as a coal baron.

How “green” of him.