REPORT: Eco-Groups Raking In Cash To Oppose Trump Administration 

REPORT: Eco-Groups Raking In Cash To Oppose Trump Administration 

September 9, 2019

President Donald Trump is waging a historic effort to improve America’s energy economy and support energy workers across the country. He’s worked to roll back unnecessary, burdensome regulations that have been stifling American energy, and he’s fought to make it easier to develop needed energy infrastructure, such as pipelines.

It’s thanks to the efforts of the Trump administration that the U.S. is on track to become a net energy exporter next year, for the first time in seven decades.

This is the achievement of a longstanding, bipartisan dream to free America from the clutches of dependence on foreign oil, often from adversaries in the middle east and from Russia.

But environmental extremist groups don’t want this reality to come to pass, and they’re preparing for a major effort ahead of the 2020 election to force dangerous eco-policies on the country. And as Axios is reporting this morning, environmental groups are raking in cash to oppose the Trump administration’s efforts.

Axios reports that “nearly all major environmental groups saw their donations increase” in recent years. In fact, between 2015 and 2017, “donations to 10 of America’s most influential environmental groups increased between 20% and 149%.”

The largest group with an increase in funding, Oceana, said its funding increase was “because of its campaign to stop the Trump administration’s plans to expand offshore oil drilling” and because of funding from Michael Bloomberg.

These extreme eco-groups know that buying influence in elections and in the halls of Washington is the only way they’ll get their agenda through, because raising taxes and energy prices on consumers isn’t popular. Americans don’t want their policies, so they have to buy influence.

Fortunately, the American people and the Trump administration are standing strong against the dangerous policy proposals that these eco-groups want to force on the country.