Renewable Energy Fails New Mexico as Temperatures Rise

Renewable Energy Fails New Mexico as Temperatures Rise

July 20, 2023

As the summer heats up, we see just how short renewable energy sources are coming up. Yesterday’s temperatures in the Albuquerque area reached over 100 degrees. And what were New Mexicans relying on to keep them cool and their appliances running? Fossil fuels. 

At 4:34pm local time on Wednesday, the official temperature in Albuquerque was 101 degrees, yet the amount of renewable energy was a mere 7 percent. Without energy sources such as coal and natural gas, New Mexico’s families would be forced to endure the heat without electricity.

“The fact that renewables fail when they are needed the most is a reality that is ignored by Governor Lujan Grisham,” said Larry Behrens, Communications Director for Power The Future. “Despite the rhetoric from clueless Santa Fe politicians, it is the energy workers in the natural gas and coal industries that deliver for New Mexicans when they need it most. If the Lujan Grisham administration wants to ‘de-carbonize,’ why don’t they turn off the AC in their taxpayer funded offices and start right now?”

Solely relying on renewable energy will result in a dark summer for millions of Americans. It’s time the eco-left admits what we all know. Renewable energy is not as reliable as fossil fuels.