REAP Rejected! Ruling Protects Proprietary Consumer Data

REAP Rejected! Ruling Protects Proprietary Consumer Data

March 1, 2024

In a stern rebuke of its eco-left agenda, the Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) saw its demand for proprietary consumer data shot down by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

This story had picked up media coverage because of its brazen attack on confidential consumer data between utilities and their ratepayers, with stories from the Anchorage Northern Journal to the Washington Free Beacon covering REAP’s demands.  Had REAP succeeded in gaining access to the data, it could have shared per-consumer usage with any number of groups, who could then create “acceptable” per-family carbon footprints, and push utilities to charge more for families exceeding the thresholds.

REAP had pinky-promised it would keep the data confidential, and use it only to ‘assist’ the local utilities to create new rates designed to lower usage of natural gas by Southcentral Alaska residents.  No one who knows anything about the group believed that.

The RCA ruling puts an end to its shenanigans for now, which leaves REAP and its funders looking for new ways to manipulate utility markets to push less-reliable, more-costly wind and solar solutions on Alaskans.