Radical Eco-Left Playing Projection Game on Methane

Radical Eco-Left Playing Projection Game on Methane

December 19, 2019

The eco-left’s questionable relationship with the facts continues.

After a weekend story where we uncovered the Michelle Lujan Grisham administration admitting natural sources contribute to methane in New Mexico, the eco-left predictably got upset. Here’s a small sample:

Why are they so upset with Power The Future? Simple: the truth is politically inconvenient for them.

The eco-left is outraged at the story because it’s their political ally who is admitting, albeit behind the scenes, that they don’t know the extent of naturally occurring methane’s impact on the Four Corners Hotspot.

If our friends in the radical environment community are upset at that position, they should direct their anger at the New Mexico Environment Department. After all, it’s their words that have them all riled up.

The eco-left knows this, but they can’t get mad at their ally. They need a scapegoat to project their anger.

It’s also fun to note our friends at Earthworks are giving credit to @NMED for working to “solve this health and climate threat.”

The @nmed Twitter account is identified as “Ed Schmidt” from the Netherlands. It’s unclear what Mr. Schmidt has to do with methane in New Mexico, but we trust the good folks at Earthworks will let us know.