Public Offices for Sale in New Mexico

Public Offices for Sale in New Mexico

July 15, 2019

For all the whining about “out-of-state billionaires” that emanate from the eco-left you
would think they would be outraged about this insider deal. However, when the out-of-
state billionaire is Michael Bloomberg and the money is being used to buy lawyers at
the state’s Attorney General office, it’s just business as usual in New Mexico.

The Albuquerque Journal published a front-page story on Monday highlighting
documents uncovered by Power The Future which exposed the Bloomberg
arrangement in New Mexico. Attorneys promise to fight for Bloomberg’s agenda and are
then placed in friendly Attorney General’s offices where they are given power from the
state to pursue their goals.

A spokesman for New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas told the paper:

“We hire multiple employees on outside grant funding that work on a wide range of
issues from human trafficking and internet crimes against children to environmental
protection. This practice has spanned multiple administrations over several decades.”

It’s clear the position of the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office is that the state’s
energy industry is on the same level as human trafficking and crimes against children so
it is no big deal taking money and direction from outside special interests. Apparently,
they do it all the time.

Last year, when it was revealed Michael Bloomberg’s money was used to pay
for lawyers the Wall Street Journal spoke out against the practice. They’re not alone.
Americans for Tort Reform also took a stand earlier this year.

In a “win” for transparency, the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office wouldn’t talk
about what cases the Bloomberg Lawyers are supporting. We thought this would be
public information especially since the contract between NYU and the State requires
regular reports. What we learned is those reports are nowhere to be found and one
supervisor has simply told the lawyers not to worry about it.

This goes beyond buying access. This is buying action for an agenda. And in the case
of Michael Bloomberg, New Mexico’s energy workers are the target.