PTF Letter to President Biden: It’s Time to Unleash American Energy Dominance

PTF Letter to President Biden: It’s Time to Unleash American Energy Dominance

February 24, 2022

The United States can and should be doing more to address the crisis in Ukraine. That’s why Power The Future sent a letter to the White House urging the Biden Administration to adopt a policy of “Sanctions Plus Productions” in response to the Russian invasion. Now is the time for the Biden Administration to make a U-turn on its energy agenda and unleash American production to counter Putin.

Unleashing American energy production both weakens Putin’s financial ability and strengthens America’s ability to support its allies.  Furthermore, it will lower the cost of all goods and services for the American people.

To accomplish this, the Biden Administration should immediately take the following steps to strengthen America’s position in the current crisis:

  1. Immediately restart the Keystone pipeline. This action is not only an investment in American infrastructure, but will allow for more flexibility in our domestic energy supplies.
  2. Lift the de facto moratorium on federal lands access. The administration is fighting responsible energy development across the country, and this must stop.
  3. Remove bureaucratic obstacles to development. This administration has slowed permitting and gone to court to stop energy development in the United States.
  4. End the weaponization of the bureaucracy.  This administration’s efforts to use the Federal Reserve, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency to punish America’s energy industry have dwindled our domestic energy supply.

Read PTF’s full letter to President Biden.