PTF Launches Presidential Candidate Energy Survey

PTF Launches Presidential Candidate Energy Survey

June 27, 2023

To garner a better understanding of Republican presidential candidates’ ideas for the future of energy in the United States, Power The Future is providing each candidate with a platform to share their respective plans via a survey. The individual surveys will be sent out to each campaign and will consist of a detailed set of questions surrounding national security policy.

 “Over the past two plus years, American families have become painfully aware about the critical role energy plays in our lives,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “A series of misguided policy decisions by the Biden Administration surrendered American energy independence, contributed to 40-year high inflation and drove a gallon of gasoline past five dollars, the highest in history. Perhaps never before has the United States needed sound energy policy so urgently. Our goal with this questionnaire is simply creating a platform for a broader and productive discussion on an important topic. We’re hopeful each campaign responds with their plan to bring back American energy independence because working families deserve a President who will put them ahead of the failed green agenda.”

Fox News included a sampling of PTF’s survey questions in yesterday’s news segment, 

Under President Biden, the United States has closed power plants that use coal and natural gas at such a rate that blackouts are a regular threat. At the same time, millions of Americans are unable to pay the rising cost of energy bills. How would you support new infrastructure to ensure America has electricity the is affordable and reliable?” 

In November 2019, American oil production was at 13 million barrels a day and the country was energy independent. A gallon of gasoline averaged $2.69 price tag. As President, what specifically would you do to return America to lower gas prices of 2019 levels or below?” 

Once candidates have completed the survey, PTF will post the candidates’ responses for the public to see. As we approach this critical upcoming election year, it is of the utmost importance that Americans are fully informed of each candidate’s intentions with energy policy moving forward.