PTF Energy Hypocrisy Madness: Final Four

PTF Energy Hypocrisy Madness: Final Four

March 31, 2023

We are one step closer to crowning a winner in our Energy Hypocrisy Madness. We have four competitors left. Learn more about each round and our final four energy hypocrites below. Help decide who will make it to the final round by voting on the Power The Future Twitter account

Round one: Bill Gates vs. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

Today’s first match-up is a close competition between Bill Gates and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Will hypocrite Bill Gates move on to the final round or will Energy Secretary Granholm pull off an upset?

Bill Gates – Bill Gates almost has enough hypocrisy to land on the list twice. Gates is widely known for his elitist private jet travel while lecturing the rest of us on the climate. However, when confronted with his hypocrisy, Gates inexplicably responded that it’s acceptable for him to fly in private jets because of all the money he spends on offsets and to fight climate change.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm
 – When she’s not laughing about domestic energy production, Secretary Granholm is openly admitting her hypocrisy. Secretary Granholm said that when it comes to transporting fuel, pipelines are the best option. Of course, Secretary Granholm cheerfully supports the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline because that’s what hypocrites do. All of this while she’s driven around in another gas-powered SUV.

Round Two: COP27 Attendees vs. Climate Czar John Kerry 

For the second round we have two contenders who enjoy private jets and lecturing the world on climate change. Unsurprisingly, Climate Czar John Kerry has made it this far in our bracket, but will he beat out the COP27 attendees?

COP27 Attendees – In November 2022, the United Nations once again selected an exclusive resort to host their annual conference on hypocrisy. Attendees flew in over 400 private jets to lecture on climate while demanding climate reparations from our tax dollars. Likely not discussed at the conference were the blackouts that struck host country Egypt.

Climate “Czar” John Kerry – This unelected and unconstitutional “climate czar” in the Biden White House did tremendous damage to America’s energy workers – and worst of all, he is accountable to no one. Kerry refused to give the public or Congress answers as to what authority he has and where funding for his staff is coming from. The Boston Herald wrote, “John Kerry is being called out for his display of ‘cowardice’ for ducking questions.”