PTF Calls on Congress to Investigate Kerry and Biden’s Secret Climate Office

PTF Calls on Congress to Investigate Kerry and Biden’s Secret Climate Office

June 2, 2023

Since the beginning of the Biden Administration, John Kerry has served as “Climate Envoy” at the State Department and repeatedly refused to answer questions about his job and the role. Now Real Clear Investigations and Judicial Watch are cracking the door open to see what is really happening in the climate office. According to the report, Kerry’s secret agency involves up to 45 people and spent $16.5 million in taxpayer dollars in 2022.

Real Clear Investigations reports, 

“John Kerry, former Secretary of State and current special presidential envoy for climate, has a big staff and an even bigger budget, employing at least 45 employees with a budget of $16.5 million, according to Judicial Watch. Freedom of Information Act requests from both Judicial Watch and Real Clear Investigations revealed this information, which was not made public until ordered by the courts.” 

The lack of transparency is astonishing. Americans should know how over $16 million of their tax dollars are being spent. Is John Kerry really looking out for the American people who pay his salary? The lack of transparency and frequent trips abroad suggest otherwise, and Congress should make it a priority to investigate this office. 

“When Joe Biden forces executive orders and weaponizes his administration for the green agenda, it’s only fair to ask if John Kerry’s secret office is really pulling the strings,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “In light of this troubling report, Congress must subpoena Kerry and investigate his secret office because the public deserves to know who is wielding power behind the scenes. Given his proclivity to fly around the world negotiating foreign policy without any congressional oversight, the beneficiary of these deals is not the American people but the Chinese Communist Party. The Biden Administration has declared war on American energy, now let’s find out who is really calling the shots.”