Proof We Can Have Both

Proof We Can Have Both

March 21, 2018

Power The Future stands on the belief we can have both a beautiful, clean, healthy environment AND a thriving, productive energy industry which employs millions of people in well-paying, stable jobs. We never subscribe to the radical environmental belief the choice is binary.

A good news story like this one in the Wall Street Journal should be sent out from every environmental group’s social platforms. It’s evidence that there are solutions which keep energy workers employed and plants open (keeping utility costs low…) AND are good for the earth. The technical term for this is a “win-win”.

So…where’s the celebration? Where’s the press release from the environmental groups praising pollution reducing solutions which keep people employed?

It is great news: even if the radicals won’t admit it. Just reading this quote from the article about this new regulation: “This rule was written to achieve the necessary environmental outcome… It was not written with the idea that you want to force people out of business” we can see how both goals are achieved.

We can have both!!!

Power The Future stands for another belief: the radical environmental movement does not want a win-win. They do not want to share success. Their agenda is dangerous to America as a whole, and to the millions of men and women who work in the energy industry specifically. What we and most reasonable people see as great news, they see as defeat.

Power The Future will call them out every time.