ProgressNow New Mexico

ProgressNow New Mexico

September 23, 2019

ProgressNow New Mexico describes itself as a “grassroots communications and advocacy organization working to unite, empower, and enhance the progressive voice in the Land of Enchantment.”

In reality, ProgressNow New Mexico isn’t promising progress for the state of New Mexico – they’re working to drag it backward, destroy jobs and ruin the state’s booming energy economy.

Proponent of the Energy Transition Act (ETA)

ProgressNow New Mexico was a vocal proponent of the recently-signed Energy Transition Act (ETA) – an environmental and energy plan that CBS News compared to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

The ETA is effectively a hidden carbon tax that could eliminate the jobs of thousands of energy workers by forcing the state to use potentially more expensive forms of energy. Researchers from the University of Chicago estimate that renewable energy mandates can raise electricity prices by 17%. The Heritage Foundation goes even further, finding that these energy mandates could double electric bills on families.

It also threatens to cause massive job losses in the state. Over 22,000 workers are employed in coal, oil and natural gas extraction in New Mexico, jobs under threat from the ETA.

The ETA will also accelerate the closure of the San Juan generating station, an outcome that ProgressNow New Mexico lauded on its Twitter page. They said that retiring the plant was “one of the main reasons” environmental groups supported the ETA.

The San Juan generating station’s closure and accompanying mine could hurt the local economy. Experts estimate that the closures will lead to $105 million in lost wages, cut nearly 1,500 jobs, and reduce local school funding by millions.

Opposition to Fracking

ProgressNow New Mexico is also seemingly opposed to fracking, one of the miracles powering New Mexico’s economy.  ProgressNow New Mexico has responded to fracking coming to New Mexico with the statement, “WTF?” and has held a lecture that discussed how to “defeat” fracking.

Fracking employs over 20,000 people in New Mexico, and the oil boom has caused New Mexico’s state revenue to surge to record highs, which could mean more money for higher education programs, schools, and health care services.

ProgressNow New Mexico questions the very policies that provide needed government services. Their views are extreme and would hurt the people of New Mexico.


Stephanie Maez, Executive Director

Lucas Herndon, Deputy/Managing Director

Marianna Anaya, Communications Associate