Press Release: Pass Pipeline Protection Bill Now

Press Release: Pass Pipeline Protection Bill Now

May 9, 2018

On the heels of a new report indicating Louisiana has the “worst economy in the country,” Daniel Turner, executive director of Power The Future (PTF), called on the Louisiana legislature to immediately pass pending legislation that would protect pipeline sites from protestors and vandalism:

“Pipelines move energy and energy creates jobs that Louisiana desperately needs. There is no reason a state blessed with Louisiana’s abundant natural resources should have a shrinking economy. Passing the legislation will send a powerful message that Louisiana is open for business, and the legislature and the governor need to put the energy industry and its workers ahead of out-of-state radicals.”

Statistics released Friday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis showed that Louisiana’s economy contracted by 0.2 percent last year, while nationwide economic output rose 2.1 percent.

Meanwhile, legislation moving through the Louisiana legislature would increase punishments for those who vandalize pipeline sites. Just last week, a group of out-of-state protestors were ticketed and ousted from private property in their efforts to disrupt construction of the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

The Bayou Bridge has been projected as an economic boon to Louisiana, including:

  • The project will employ at least 2,500 construction workers. 
  • The project will generate around $420 million in wages through the construction jobs.
  • The project will generate 12 additional full-time jobs at Bayou Bridge, who provides an average salary of $77,000.
  • The project will generate an estimated $17.6 million in sales tax for local businesses.
  • The project will generate an estimated $35 million to date in new investments with Louisiana-based companies.

Power The Future is a non-profit organization founded to advocate for the men and women of the energy industry.