President Trump Unveils New Policy To Help Coal Workers

President Trump Unveils New Policy To Help Coal Workers

June 19, 2019

Coal miners are a priority under President Donald Trump.

That’s the message the Trump administration is delivering, and according to USA Today, the President is keeping his “signature campaign promise to boost the coal industry.”

Today, the White House is expected to unveil a new policy called the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule, which would give states more authority to promote “affordable, clean and reliable energy for all Americans.”

In effect, the Trump administration wants to unshackle states from unnecessary regulations.

This is a welcome change from the disastrous Obama administration and their war on coal.

Under Obama and Biden, 83,000 coal miners lost their jobs, and 400 mines were shuttered. He followed through on his pledge to “bankrupt” the coal industry.

The Trump administration’s efforts to help protect coal workers could not come at a better time. New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg recently pledged $500 million to eliminate every single coal job in America.

Coal workers need every ally they can get in their fight against Bloomberg’s billions. Fortunately, they have the President of the United States on their side.