President Trump Touts End Of Obama’s “War On Energy” 

President Trump Touts End Of Obama’s “War On Energy” 

September 18, 2019

During a rally last night in New Mexico, President Donald Trump doubled down on his administration’s unprecedented efforts to make America the number one energy economy in the world.

“Crucially, for your state, we have ended the last administration’s war on American energy,” the President said, referring to former President Barack Obama’s war on coal and other forms of conventional energy, which resulted in tens of thousands of job losses and the destruction of entire rural communities.

Unlike Obama, President Trump stands with energy workers who are doing their part to finally make American energy independent and free from the clutches of foreign oil.

In fact, as CNS News reports, President Trump touted this energy independence as a way of avoiding “panic” over the recent Iranian attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields. Trump explained, “You know, a few years ago, if we had a problem like you saw two days ago in the Middle East, we would have been in a panic, although not if I were your president. We don’t want to panic. We never panic.”

“But a few years ago, they would have been in a panic. Today, we got a lot of oil, we got a lot of gas. A lot of oil and gas. We don’t have to send too many boats over there.”

The President is speaking a truth here that the eco-left can’t bring itself to admit – that their plans to hamper energy production would hamstring our economy and increase our dependence on hostile areas of the world like the Middle East.

As the President went on to say, “Now under the Green New Deal that all goes away. It all goes away. It all goes away. You can forget it. No more cows, no more airplanes, no more trips.”

Thankfully, leaders like the President are telling the American public the truth about the disastrous Green New Deal.