President Trump To Tour PA Petrochemical Facility Called “Economic Lifeline” By Community

President Trump To Tour PA Petrochemical Facility Called “Economic Lifeline” By Community

August 13, 2019

Nearly everything in today’s world – from Tesla’s electric cars to medical equipment to water bottles carried by eco-protestors – relies on plastic. It’s a miracle compound that has made modern life possible.

But too often, those on the eco-left who want to eliminate fossil fuels forget that petrochemicals are required for the creation of plastic.

Today, President Donald Trump is pushing back against the eco-leftist narrative and is promoting both plastic, fossil fuels and jobs during a stop in Pennsylvania.

The Associated Press reports that President Trump will tour a Shell facility in Monaco today, an area of the country that has seen its unemployment rate surge “to nearly 30%.” But some in the area see fracking in the Marcellus Shale reserves as a “new road to prosperity.”

That’s why Shell created a petrochemical complex in the region, which turns fracked ethane gas into precursors for plastic. Many in the town “see the plant as an economic lifeline,” reports the Associated Press.

“Affordable, abundant, local natural gas is powering a Rust Belt revival, as the region looks to gain a competitive edge in attracting advanced manufacturing – and the good-paying jobs that come with it,” said Marcellus Shale Coalition president David Spigelmyer.

In fact, the project has employed 5,000 construction workers and will support 600 permanent employees over the long run.

In a small town struggling with high unemployment, that is nothing short of a game changer.

It is efforts like these that show how dedicated the Trump administration is to improving rural economies and supporting workers tied to the energy industry. He’s fighting for every last job, and that’s something the people of Pennsylvania won’t soon forget.