President Trump Stands Up for Pennsylvania Energy

President Trump Stands Up for Pennsylvania Energy

October 23, 2019

President Trump is in Pennsylvania today to stand up for energy workers. How? He is fighting for a pipeline that would be a major economic boon to the region.

The Associated Press reports Trump will speak about the importance of natural gas, an industry that has been put in the crosshairs of liberals despite the countless Americans it employs directly and indirectly. Not to mention, our country’s infrastructure fundamentally relies on the valuable energy source.

From the AP:

For a second time in three months, President Donald Trump is headed to Pennsylvania to promote his support for the natural gas industry, making clear that he sees his pro-industry policies as a boost to his chances of winning the battleground state.

As some of his leading Democratic opponents are calling for a fracking ban, Trump has been eager to cut a contrast, touting his support for a sector he says brings economic benefits to rural pockets and jobs to construction union workers.

President Trump understands that Americans want to see more jobs, lower costs and more economic growth, not more regulations, higher taxes and higher energy costs. Trump is investing in energy growth while many on the left are calling for a fracking ban that would roll back America’s energy progress.

The eco-left still hasn’t figured that out. Thankfully, the President will be standing up for energy workers in Pennsylvania today.