President Trump Planning Executive Order To Build Needed Pipeline In NY

President Trump Planning Executive Order To Build Needed Pipeline In NY

April 9, 2019

People might not think much about pipelines, but they are integral to modern life. They allow the safe transportation of energy across large distances. They fuel gas stoves and allow us to heat our homes. They are the infrastructure behind America’s growing energy dominance.

But too often, extreme environmental groups successfully apply pressure on the state level to block needed pipeline infrastructure. New York State, for instance, is one glaring example. Governor Andrew Cuomo and regulators have denied permits for one crucial pipeline – in doing so, they limit energy access for not only New York, but surrounding states.

In fact, pipeline infrastructure is so bad in New York that people are facing natural gas shortages.

Thankfully, President Trump has been listening to the concerns of Americans, and is reportedly readying an executive order to help solve this problem.

Bloomberg reports that the President will unveil an executive order tomorrow that will encourage a new pipeline in New York by limiting New York’s ability to stop construction.

“It marks a formal push by Trump to rein in states that have emerged as a major barrier to constructing pipelines,” Bloomberg explains.

The President is right to step in. New York shouldn’t be allowed to have veto power over the region’s access to natural gas. It will also create new jobs and ensure that our infrastructure is modernized, paving the way for a stronger economic future.