President Trump Got Us Out of the Paris Climate Accord. Biden Wants Us to Rejoin.

President Trump Got Us Out of the Paris Climate Accord. Biden Wants Us to Rejoin.

November 24, 2020

Joe Biden has stated time and time again that one of his highest priorities as president will be to reenter the Paris Climate Accord. Rejoining the treaty will negatively affect and hinder the growth of our domestic oil and gas industry, which supports about 10 million American jobs.

FOX News reports:

Robert Watson, the former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, laments: “Countries need to double and triple their 2030 reduction commitments to be aligned with the Paris target.”

Meanwhile, Beijing is far and away the largest polluter. Year after year, it makes hollow promises to stop climate change while they build dozens of new coal plants. India and its 1 billion people are hooked on coal, too.

Here is Paris in nutshell: We put our coal miners out of their jobs and cripple our $1 trillion oil and gas industry while China and India keep polluting and laugh at us behind our back.

We at Power the Future second those notions. Under President Donald Trump the U.S. has made substantial progress in reducing carbon emissions, even though our gross domestic product is way up over the past four years. President Trump has invigorated the oil and gas industry during his presidency, a main part of that being withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord.

The tragedy of all this is that we have a clean and efficient source of energy. Thanks to the shale oil and gas revolution, the cost of fossil fuels has fallen by 70% to 80% — and the costs will continue to fall, thanks to the superabundance of these energy sources. The U.S. has more fossil fuel energy than virtually any other nation. We are technologically ahead of the rest of the world in drilling productivity and have become a net exporter.

The shale oil and gas revolution has helped secure America’s spot as a top net exporter, while also reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Joe Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris treaty, combined with his radical $2 trillion climate plan would be catastrophic to the growth of the valuable industry.

Our President should put America first instead of proposing policies that would push our energy dependence abroad, threatening our national security and taking away the economic benefits and jobs the industry brings to Americans.