President Biden’s $600 Million Christmas Gift for “Environmental Justice”

President Biden’s $600 Million Christmas Gift for “Environmental Justice”

December 21, 2023

Just in time for 2024, President Biden is ensuring the green groups vote by granting $600 million to advance the cause of “environmental justice.”

The Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement reads,

“As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the Biden-Harris Administration announced on Wednesday $600 million for 11 selected Grantmakers under EPA’s Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking program, created by President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, the largest investment in climate action in history. This new grant program, which will make it easier for small community-based organizations to access federal environmental justice funding, responds to community feedback about the need to reduce barriers to federal funds and improve the efficiency of the awards process to ensure communities that have long faced underinvestment can access the benefits of the largest climate investment in history.”

The money comes from the Inflation Reduction Act, which the Biden Administration is now re-branding as “the largest investment in climate action in history.” Once again, it shows that the IRA had nothing to do with helping American families from sky-high inflation, which was caused by Biden’s policies, but instead an eco-left power grab.

“It’s Bidenomics by a different name: using a green slush fund to dole out Christmas gifts to his political friends ahead of 2024,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future. “No matter if they are dubbed grantmakers or climate corps, the mission is the same: use taxpayer dollars to build networks of political support. And while Biden sends $600 million to his eco-friends, energy workers are stalled by Washington while families pay more for everything.”