Power The Future Responds to Alaska Congressional Results

Power The Future Responds to Alaska Congressional Results

August 31, 2022

This afternoon, the Alaska Division of Elections certified the final vote totals for the race to replace Congressman Don Young until January, 2023. The announcement that Mary Peltola will fill the seat gives Alaska representation in Congress for the first time since Congressman Young passed this past March 18th after serving our state for nearly five decades in Washington, D.C.

“Congratulations to Congresswoman-elect Peltola. It is our sincere hope she will put Alaska ahead of party as she heads to Washington,” noted Rick Whitbeck, Power The Future’s Alaska State Director. “Our new Congresswoman only has a few short months before the general election determines who will serve for the next two years. In that time, she should aggressively advocate for the people of Alaska and fight against Washington special interests.”

Specifically, there are three things Congresswoman Peltola can do to benefit Alaska and our energy economy:

1. Make it clear that Alaska needs the Willow project – the largest oil and gas project currently proposed on United States federal land – to move forward; immediately and without further interference. Any additional delays will cost an entire winter season of construction and development. The 180,000-barrel-per-day – or 629 million barrels over the course of its 30-year lifetime – field can’t come online soon enough.

2. Educate Congress of Alaska’s ability to provide domestic supplies of critical and strategic minerals. The Ambler mining district and Pebble Mine can provide crucial solutions to decrease imports from Communist China. However, the radical environmental movement needs to be stopped from further obstructionist tactics on both projects. Ironically, many of the critical minerals needed to fuel the left’s push for electric vehicles are available in Alaska, but their development is obstructed by the eco left, calling into question if their opposition is about the Earth, or just politics as usual.

3. Work closely with Senator Sullivan to push regulatory reform through Congress. Sullivan’s attempts to halt the federal government and ENGOs from using NEPA (the National Environmental Policy Act) as a weapon against development is exactly the kind of leadership America needs, especially as the Biden Administration turns a blind eye to actions driven by the eco-left to weaken America’s energy community and decrease America’s energy dominance and national security positions throughout the globe.