Power The Future Announces Alaska Expansion And State Director Hire

Power The Future Announces Alaska Expansion And State Director Hire

January 7, 2019

Power The Future launched in February 2018 with an ambitious mission: protect energy workers from extreme environmental groups that threaten their jobs, their communities and their way of life. With funding from billionaires like Tom Steyer, Mike Bloomberg and others, these groups push a dangerous agenda under the guise of caring for the environment.

Power The Future had great success in 2018, working to combat these groups in the media and helping to stop anti-energy ballot measures in multiple states.

Now, we are ringing in the new year with a major expansion into Alaska as part of our plan to continue building upon these successes.

Power The Future is proud to announce that Rick Whitbeck will serve as Alaska State Director.

Rick is a veteran of Alaska politics and communications. He brings to Power The Future a wealth of experience, from radio and television to campaign communications and services. Most recently, Rick served as the Field Director for Stand for Alaska, a group that successfully opposed Ballot Measure 1 in the November 2018 election.

Alaska is a top target for the environmental extremist movement, especially after the Trump Administration successfully cleared the way for oil exploration in ANWR. 2019 will be a great year for Alaska and for Power The Future. Alaska and its energy workers are poised for an economic boom, and Power The Future will be there to steadfastly support their hard work.

Power The Future is actively interviewing candidates for other positions (western states, eastern states, southern states) and is ready to push back on the radical environmentalists and their dangerous agenda.  Our mission is just getting started, and with champions like Rick and the ongoing support of you and our many generous donors and friends, we’re ready to roll.