Power Shortages Are Inevitable Under A Biden-Harris Energy Plan

Power Shortages Are Inevitable Under A Biden-Harris Energy Plan

August 27, 2020

This past week, California has been hit with its first intentional rolling blackouts since the state’s 2001 energy crisis. California is a perfect case study on how switching from reliable, inexpensive, domestic fossil fuels to green energy is bad energy and economic policy.

Governor Gavin Newsom stated, “These blackouts, which occurred without prior warning or enough time for preparation, are unacceptable and unbefitting of the nation’s largest and most innovative state.” Gov. Newsom has demanded an investigation, but the blindingly obvious cause is his own party’s obsession over eliminating fossil fuels.

Even former California Gov. Gray Davis pointed blame at the state’s anti-fossil fuel policies, stating, “The bottom line is, people don’t want lights to go down. People also want a carbon-free future. Sometimes those two aspirations come into conflict.” 

Power the Future’s Executive Director, Daniel Turner wrote a piece in RealClear Energy on how these blackouts expose Biden-Harris and The Green New Deal.

If Democratic vice presidential nominee and California Senator Kamala Harris is given the reigns to America’s energy policy, rolling blackouts, a consistent lack of energy, and much worse will become a nationwide norm.

A recent study found that Biden’s energy plan “cost almost 200,000 jobs, deny the U.S. government billions of revenue dollars, and push offshore production to other countries.” Not to mention green energy would eliminate the reliability of our energy grid resulting in energy shortages, while also pushing increased energy costs onto American households.

The majority of voters doubt that Biden would be able to serve out a full term in office – that makes Harris’ radical agenda even more substantial. California, under Harris’ watch, has come closer than any other state to actually implementing the sweeping, radical Green New Deal. As a result, for the privilege of not being able to turn on their lights or use air conditioning, Californians pay 61 percent above the national average for electricity.

If the Biden-Harris ticket wins, and even a fraction of the Green New Deal and other radical, illogical, unscientific environmental proposals are advanced nationally, California’s misery will be expanded on a national scale. Biden has long been pandering to the eco-left to gain the support of Bernie bros, but choosing Harris as a running mate cements this Democratic ticket as the most radical we’ve ever seen.

We just hope the American people look to the recent blackouts in California and other energy shortages in green energy states like New Mexico before voting for a revamp of our valuable and dependable energy sector to unreliable and expensive alternatives.