‘Pie in the Sky’ Green Energy Plans Lead to Very Earthly Real-World Consequences

‘Pie in the Sky’ Green Energy Plans Lead to Very Earthly Real-World Consequences

May 12, 2021

Americans may soon begin feeling a ‘pinch’ at the pump, as the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline – our nation’s largest – could temporarily slow down gas supplies along the East Coast. This attack is a reminder that the United States is not doing enough to support and protect its energy infrastructure. This is a problem made worse when the Biden Administration uses words like ‘energy’ and ‘infrastructure’ as cover to spend on expensive left-wing fantasies.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal has an editorial pointing out the inherent risks of the Biden Administration’s worldview on energy. Making the electricity grid more reliable on renewables is making it less reliable overall. As the paper editorialized:

The Biden Administration should be putting money into shoring up cyber vulnerabilities, but instead it’s using the “infrastructure” label to remake the energy economy, squeeze fossil fuels, and make the grid more vulnerable, not less.

While environmentalists will likely point to the most recent cyberattack on the pipeline as an excuse to push more renewables, the fact is it is their push for renewables that is creating the very vulnerabilities used by cyber terrorists. The Wall Street Journal notes:

The grid and other infrastructure will become more vulnerable as more systems get electrified and connected. The Government Accountability Office warned in March that home solar panels, EV chargers and “smart” appliances that companies control remotely are creating new entry points for cyber criminals to take over the grid.

Rather than push for policies that will continue to put Americans’ access to electricity at-risk, President Biden should be finding ways to invest in technologies that will protect the U.S. from cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, the focus of Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure package is promoting ‘Green New Deal’ fantasies, not protecting our energy infrastructure from foreign enemies and hackers.