Pennsylvania Union Leaders Losing Faith in Biden

Pennsylvania Union Leaders Losing Faith in Biden

July 17, 2020

Unions are beginning to lose more and more trust in a Biden Presidency. The presidential candidate rolled out his Green New Deal earlier this week and it has been met with much criticism. Even those who have trusted Biden for years are raising concerns with this new plan.

The Washington Examiner interviewed Jim Cassidy, a manager of the Insulators Local No. 2 union outside of Pittsburgh, is raising his eyebrows at this New Green Deal. Cassidy has been a Biden supporter for years even keeping a photo of himself and Biden in his office but now he is voicing his concerns.

“He scares me now. Is he embracing the new Green Deal or whatever they are calling it? He needs to get some stuff straight.”

America’s blue-collar workers like those in the energy sector need to have job stability and know that their future is secure. But Biden’s misinformation and going back forth on key issues like natural gas fracking have many worried. It is for these reasons Shawn Steffe, a business agent for Boilmakers Local 154 in Pittsburg who once was a lifelong Democrat, will not be voting for Biden.

“Biden needs to steer his car out of the far-left ditch back to the middle if he wants us to support him,” Steffe said. “It’s not happening. I don’t see my members voting for someone who will take away their jobs and pensions over something that has a lot of half-truths to it.”

The war on America’s energy industry workers is far from over and the hard-working men and women of this country deserve someone who will support their work. The Green New Deal will do nothing but bring more harm to an already bleeding industry.