Peltola Breaks with Dems, Supports Alaskan Residents Regarding Gas Stoves

Peltola Breaks with Dems, Supports Alaskan Residents Regarding Gas Stoves

June 16, 2023

Congresswoman Mary Peltola (D-AK) hasn’t always made votes that Power The Future would say are pro-energy and pro-Alaska in nature since arriving in Congress last September, following her election victory to replace the late (great!) Don Young.  In fact, we’ve disagreed with more votes than we’ve thought were positive for her state.

So, when Peltola shrugged off Democrat-led efforts to fight legislation aimed at curbing the ongoing attack against gas stoves and voted “yes” to support the bill, it got our attention.  Not only for the vote itself, but because, with that vote, Peltola shows she understands the role natural gas plays throughout the state. 

With over a hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas on the slope, a LNG pipeline being backed by the Biden administration and natural gas being the leading source of heat for the majority of Alaskans, attacking natural gas makes little practical – nor political – sense in Alaska.

The Anchorage Daily News quoted Peltola, saying she backed the bills “because access to gas and propane-compatible stoves is important to Alaskans” and cited worries that the gas stove regulations could increase Alaskans’ energy costs. She further added, “Government has more important things to focus on than our kitchens.”

We couldn’t agree with her more on that sentiment.  The eco-left’s obsession with taking away individual freedoms in the name of a made-up ‘climate crisis’ is despicable, so it is always refreshing when Congress rises up and says “enough”.  Kudos to the 248 members – including Peltola – who stood up for Americans and against government overreach this week.