Patagonia’s Friend-of-Court Brief is Both Hysterical & Hypocritical

Patagonia’s Friend-of-Court Brief is Both Hysterical & Hypocritical

August 1, 2023

Let’s play a quick word association game.  I say “Patagonia”, and you’ll probably say “outdoor clothing”, “microfleece”, “all-weather gear”, or “Chilean and Argentinian wilderness” if you’re a geography buff.

After this week, you can add “hypocrites” to the list.

Patagonia’s entire brand might be woven around activism and eco-sustainability, but their complete production and distribution network wouldn’t function without oil, gas or mined materials included in every facet of its business.

Yet, in a 30-page filing in U.S. Federal Court, Patagonia made it clear they think Alaska’s Willow project should be shuttered.  Its filing was full of the type of hyperbole and fear-over-facts narratives used by climate-change evangelists to describe the worst of the so-called ‘crisis’.  As an example:

“Soaring temperatures, extreme weather events, reduced winter snowpack, smoke-filled skies from wildfires, degraded rivers and lakes and diminished wildlife populations will reduce access to outdoor recreation opportunities, which in turn impacts demand for the goods and services the outdoor recreation industry provides,” the company said.

In fighting the Alaska project – already approved by both the Trump and Biden administrations, in an area of the state specifically set aside for oil and gas development – Patagonia showed its marketing and manufacturing arms need to communicate better. 

Here’s a thought: why do rational Americans who support responsible development of oil, gas and mining in the U.S. continue to support and purchase Patagonia products? They hate the oil and gas industry?  That’s their right, but you won’t see Power The Future employees walking around in Patagonia gear, that’s for certain.