Paris Olympics Bans AC, Teams Want It Anyway

Paris Olympics Bans AC, Teams Want It Anyway

March 28, 2024

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris have banned air conditioning in hopes of making this Olympics the “greenest ever.” However, several teams have already taken measures (like renting portable air conditioners) to keep their athletes cool during the games. 

As Euronews reported,

“Organizers say they won’t be providing A/C units to delegations. However, those wishing to add portable air conditioners to their rooms can do so “through a list of rental equipment offered by Paris 2024.”

It would appear that Paris is using this unfounded policy as an opportunity to make even more money from their delegations by charging them for portable air conditioners. Perhaps this policy uses the name “environmentalism” as a guise for profitability. Nevertheless, several teams will be paying for these rental AC systems. The Australian Olympic Committee said,

“This is a high-performance Games. We’re not going for a picnic… athletes have got to sleep…”

The Irish team will also pay for its athletes to have air conditioning for “performance reasons.”  Our world’s greatest athletes can no longer rely on comfortability in their rooms when competing. This is the reality of “green” initiatives.