One-Year Anniversary of a Historic Failure

One-Year Anniversary of a Historic Failure

June 13, 2023

One year ago, our country passed a painful and entirely avoidable energy milestone with the national gas average reaching over five-dollars a gallon. This was a direct result from the Biden administration’s failed and punishing energy policies.

Since then, the Biden administration has only continued to double down on its war on American fossil fuels, further slashing U.S. production. Instead of unleashing the power of American energy, how have the Biden administration responded to this historic failure this past year?

  1. Begging foreign countries and OPEC to produce more oil. 
  2. Draining our strategic petroleum reserve (SPR). 

After all this groveling and emergency measures, gas prices remain unacceptably high. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is threatening “major” economic pain on the United States and the SPR has been depleted. With summer travel starting, American families are still feeling major pain at the pump. And, until we elect a president who will allow domestic energy production, the United States is in far weaker position to respond the next time we hit this historic milestone of five-dollar gas.