One Week to Go Before Pebble’s EPA Comment Period Closes

One Week to Go Before Pebble’s EPA Comment Period Closes

August 31, 2022

If you support a transition to ‘green energy’, or if you are a fan of responsible mining, you should be aware of a public comment period that ends on September 6th.

The EPA – in all of its eco-extremist glory – is attempting to pre-emptively veto the Pebble Project in Southwest Alaska, the largest copper prospect in the northern hemisphere, with an estimated 55 billion pounds (read that again!) of copper available to be mined, then used for technology, military and energy manufacturing.

55 billion pounds, with an existing worldwide shortage of copper already holding up ‘green energy’ development today, and experts noting they’ll need 50 million metric tonnes a year – more than double what is being mined today – to fulfill the global climate cult’s desired outcomes.

Pebble could singlehandedly meet the demand for worldwide copper for tens of thousands of years!

Yet, Pebble could have its fate decided by unelected bureaucrats, all because of a fear campaign derived by the eco-left; one that states that Pebble can’t be developed without harming a fishery that is over 100 air miles and over 225 river miles away.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers didn’t think so.  It published a ‘clean’ final environmental impact statement (FEIS) using the science and procedures found in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which has been called the “Magna Carta of Environmental Law” by the far-left environmental zealots at the NRDC.

But then the lobbying from Lower-48-based fishermen (who own the vast majority of Bristol Bay’s commercial permits) and processors (who hire mostly low-wage international workers for their slime-line and packaging of the fish), working in conjunction with international environmental groups, upped the pressure on the Biden Administration to shutter the hopes for the 800 jobs, hundreds of millions in royalties and domestic supply opportunities Pebble represents.

If you believe them, the day Pebble starts digging is the day the Bristol Bay fishery ceases to exist.

If you don’t believe that – and the science unequivocally says they’re wrong – take a few minutes to put your comments on the record in the next week by going to and letting the EPA know that pre-emptively stopping Pebble is bad for Alaska jobs, the ‘green energy’ transition and U.S. domestic supplies of a much-needed resource.

Power The Future has been to the proposed site, talked with villagers in the neighboring communities and will continue to unabashedly support Pebble.  Thanks for doing your part to do the same.