Oil & Gas Prices Skyrocket but Alaska Projects Shuttered Under Biden

Oil & Gas Prices Skyrocket but Alaska Projects Shuttered Under Biden

October 5, 2021

If the highest oil prices in the past three years haven’t gotten your attention yet, just wait.

If natural gas prices at 180% of last year’s haven’t sent a shiver down your spine, as winter approaches and monthly bills increase, just wait.

If China’s energy issues, which are affecting supply chains for everything from electronics to heating systems hasn’t become your problem yet, just wait.

And if you’re an oil and gas worker, wanting to work on any number of domestic projects, including a number of crucial, large finds in Alaska, the Biden Administration’s message to you:  Just wait.

Between the insidious decisions from the Department of Interior, that placed ANWR’s Coastal Plain and future federal leasing programs on what amount to indefinite holds, and federal judges overreaching on their authority to shut down projects midstream, it hasn’t been a good year to be an industry worker in Alaska.

With the eco-left’s talons into so many Biden appointees, things may not change anytime soon.

Power The Future will continue to advocate for Alaska’s energy community and fight back against the Biden team’s attempts to weaken our economy, our state and our nation.

If the Biden Administration thinks it can continue to marginalize our hard-working men and women in Alaska’s energy world and not have push-back?  Just wait…