Oil and Gas Workers Have Been Dealt Sharp Blows Every Day Since Biden Has Been in Office

Oil and Gas Workers Have Been Dealt Sharp Blows Every Day Since Biden Has Been in Office

February 4, 2021

President Biden’s out the gates attack on the oil and gas industry has been devastating to energy-rich communities across the country. We all feared the eco-extremists who have been puppeteering his campaign from the beginning would have extensive influence on his policy agenda, but the industry has been dealt sharp blows every day since he has entered office.

After a few hours into his first day in office, Biden signed an executive order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and immediately eliminated 11,000 American energy jobs. This was just one of his many attacks on the industry, but with one swift signature he took away the livelihoods of thousands of Americans dependent on that pipeline for jobs and local revenue. That is just 11,000 jobs lost after he signed the order; in no way does it encompass the larger ripple effect this will have on surrounding communities.

Television host Mike Rowe on an interview with Fox & Friends yesterday, called out the way skilled laborers have been treated in “such high-handed manner”. We at Power The Future have expressed time and time again that a top-down approach and over-regulation to the industry is not the answer.

Rowe went on, “Just wait until we truly make [the oil and gas industry] the enemy and disconnect ourselves so completely from that part of our economy that we really start to see the impact. Then you’ll have 330 million people involved in this conservation.”

FOX News reports:

Critics of Biden’s recent executive actions, including many members of the GOP such as Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, argue that the administration’s efforts to combat climate change are killing American jobs and give strategic advantages to foreign governments.

We hope the administration keeps in mind the American people being negatively affected by these mandates. Making orders from the top without listening to the constituents who have lost their jobs and communities have lost revenue they desperately need for their budgets isn’t serving the best interests of the American people.