Obama Administration Economist Calls Biden Energy Policy “Kind of Insane”

Obama Administration Economist Calls Biden Energy Policy “Kind of Insane”

September 22, 2022

At the Boston Globe’s Globe Summit in early September, former Obama administration economist Larry Summers made bold statements about U.S. energy policies. And shockingly, we agree with Summers. 

Forbes reports on the Summit. 

“It’s kind of insane that we have trucks and trains carrying oil all over this country rather than constructing pipelines, which would permit accessing more resources and cheaper, safer transmission.”

It is a testament to how bad our current situation has become that left-leaning advisors call out the Biden administration’s failures. 

Power The Future Executive Director and Founder Daniel Turner discusses Summers’s statement. 

“Don’t take my word for it. Now even leading Democrats are calling the Biden Administration’s energy policies ‘insane.’ Last year, Larry Summers raised the red flag on the inflationary crisis, only to be ignored by the Biden Administration who carried on with their spending spree. Summers is right: transporting natural gas via pipelines is infinitely safer and cheaper than other modes, yet President Biden and his army of unelected bureaucrats, led by FERC Chairman Richard Glick, have steadfastly clung to a failed green ideology that has driven energy prices to obscene highs. With the cold months looming and natural gas in short supply, Summers is once again identifying a major and looming crisis. To those Americans who will sadly have a choice between heating and eating this winter, you have the Biden Administration’s insane policies to thank.”