Notes from Alaska: Eco-Left’s “Just Transition” Summit Sends the Wrong Message

Notes from Alaska: Eco-Left’s “Just Transition” Summit Sends the Wrong Message

May 9, 2022

Never let it be said that Alaskans lack opinions…on anything.  Especially when it comes to positioning our state for the future, you’ll hear a wide range of thoughts on how to best do so.  Heck, 48 people are running for a four-month stint in the U.S. Congress, each with their own ideas on how Alaska should function going forward!  That alone should tell you how passionate people are about our state’s coming years.

While most Alaskans are rational about our place in the global marketplace, our immense natural storehouses of oil and minerals, and our past (and future!) growth as a state because of our ability to responsibly develop those riches, a small – but vocal – minority are not.

Alaska’s Native Movement organization is a hodge-podge aggregation of social, ecological and secessionist activists, driven by a desire to force Alaska backward.  Gone would be the extraction opportunities, replaced by organic and subsistence-based economies that would only add to government dependence.  That same anti-capitalist mentality would drive families, brainpower and corporate opportunities from the state, allowing the Native Movement to aggressively create an economy driven by collectivism.

Their upcoming “Just Transition” Summit later this month should be a warning sign to Alaskans who believe in balance and want to see generations of their families have the same opportunity to live, work and play in the Great Land, without having to rely on the government to sustain us.  The Summit promotes plans to push Alaska backward, to a time before oil and mineral resources led to nearly one-third of our private-sector workforce being supported – directly or indirectly – by extractive activities.

Organizations seeking to kill Alaskan jobs, opportunities and our future deserve to be put on notice that the vast majority of our state loathes their stated goals.  If you agree, you can join our fight by signing up for updates here. Together, we’ll tell organizations like Native Movement that their radical views aren’t welcome in the Last Frontier.