Not So Fast, Radicals! Alaska Judge Rules Against Obstructionists

Not So Fast, Radicals! Alaska Judge Rules Against Obstructionists

April 4, 2023

We’ve had plenty of reasons to complain about Alaska-based U.S. District Court judge Sharon Gleason in the past.  Originally appointed during the Obama administration, Gleason has a clear eco-driven bias in her judicial career, thwarting development opportunities, road development and other projects that would have moved Alaska forward.

But yesterday, she started the week off right for rational Alaskans, ruling against motions for preliminary injunction that would have stopped any work from being done this winter on ConocoPhillips’ Willow project.

“The court has weighed the environmental harm posed by the proposed winter 2023 construction activities against the economic damages, benefits to most subsistence users, and the state and federal legislative pronouncements of the public interest that would be impacted by a preliminary injunction prohibiting these construction activities at this time, and concludes that the balance of the equities and the public interest tip sharply against preliminary injunctive relief,” Gleason said in her decision.

Power The Future applauds Judge Gleason for realizing that Willow – supported by industry, labor, Indigenous leaders and organizations, Alaska’s Legislature, Governor and Congressional delegation, as well as the vast majority of everyday citizens – shouldn’t be stopped due to the whims of the ‘leave-it-in-the-ground’ movement and their fear-over-facts narrative.  Willow still faces multiple, frivolous lawsuits that will end up in front of Gleason in the future.  Let’s hope she continues to do what is best for Alaska and America, and not kowtow to the eco-left.