New York’s Fracking Ban is Driving Workers Out of the State

New York’s Fracking Ban is Driving Workers Out of the State

February 19, 2020

A new study found that New York is losing more residents than any other state. CBS New York asked the question:

So where are these residents going? Some headed to neighboring states — New Yorkers moved to New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania…

A recent Power The Future study answers why so many New York residents are moving to their neighboring state:

New York and Pennsylvania share a border and access to the Marcellus Shale – the largest natural gas field in the United States. But they do not share similar approaches to energy development. Pennsylvania has harnessed the potential of the Marcellus Shale and fracking technology. New York has taken the opposite approach by banning fracking and using creative legal tactics to try and block pipelines in the state. These divergent energy policies have had a major impact on each state’s economy and population.

New York’s fracking ban has cost roughly 400 jobs per year in many counties and has resulted in a “statistically significant increase in unemployment.” Meanwhile, from 2007-2012, despite the great recession, Pennsylvania experienced large job and wage growth, including: 259 percent increase of jobs in the oil and natural gas industry, 12 percent increase in average annual pay, and 36 percent growth in wages in the oil and natural gas industry.

It’s no secret: people want good-paying jobs to provide for their families, and they’re willing to travel to do so, especially when it’s right across the state border. New York has ignored their opportunity by banning fracking, and as long as Pennsylvania continues to encourage the natural gas and oil industry, people will continue to be drawn to its growing economy and workforce.